NGO Children Center Lighthouse was founded by Estonian Methodist Church members in January 2001 in Tallinn. After working 1 year in Apteegi street in old town of Tallinn the children center moved closer to the target group and started to work in Kopli 30a in Northern Tallinn. The Lighthouse center rents a 2-floor building from Tallinn City Government. The building has everything a children center needs.

Lighthouse center offers day care service for children from families with social problems. The center offers food, clothing, school and hygiene supplies for the kids. Our workers and volunteers help the children to do their school home work, organize activities and teach handicraft, music and dancing. We also teach social skills and promote healty lifestyle.

The center works with children aged 7-17. Today we have 30 kids who use the day care service almost every day.

There are many social service organisations, child protection workers, youth workers, schools and individuals who are our collaborative partners. We also have many volunteers working for the Lighthouse. 
Tallinn City Government, Northern Tallinn district, methodist churches in Estonia and United States of America, mission organisation from Norway, sponsors and donors have supported our work throughout many years.